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Kenzie & Kayden

Monday, March 9, 2015

Happy Tears!

First giggles with biggest sister Kenzie
 Beautiful picture (taken by Kayden)

From Kenzie:
 This morning we woke up bright and early, which wasn't hard since we still have jet lag, and had breakfast as usual. The only difference about today was that we would be getting Kohlby! After breakfast we went back to the room and gathered Kohlby's toys and treats, and got everything ready. Shortly after that we went to the Civil Affairs Office where 25 families would be receiving their beautiful kids. Everyone was so anxious, nervous, and excited. The room kept getting more packed by the minute. There were already kids in the room as people kept coming in. Sitting beside me was a foster parent holding a beautiful little girl. I couldn't stop looking at that little girl. Although she had an oxygen tube taped on her face, she was just so beautiful, so tiny, so precious. After we had been there for awhile, a big buss drove up and people started piling in that small room. A little girl tugs on her moms shirt and says "mommy shes here!" Her mom looks in my direction and starts crying and walks over to that little girl. At that moment I lost it. I was overcome with joy. I'm not really sure why I couldn't stop crying. The funny thing is that I thought I would be the one who would hold it together. All I can say is that God moved in that little room. Not only would that little girl have a loving family to care for her, but she would one day hear about his endless love for her. I dried my tears and tried to hold them back as we continued to wait for Kohlby to arrive. Finally another bus drives up full of kids. We stood by the door waiting. Kohlby was the last one to enter the room and my mom picked him up without a fuss. We brought him back to the room and got him all hyped up on sugar, because you know everything is more fun that way. We chased him around the room, tossed him in the air, and played peek-a-boo. He wore himself out and now won't wake up. So, I guess we did my mom and dad a favor. I can tell he is going to bring so much joy to peoples lives just with his amazing smile. I am so excited to see what God does in his life and what he will do the rest of the time we are here.

From Kayden,
 I woke up this morning and was all excited but I didn't know why. I went into my parents' room and then remembered, we get Kohlby today!!! :)  Even though it was 6:00 am I was wide awake, sort of. We went down to breakfast like normal and after that we went back to the hotel to wait. Waiting seemed like forever even though it was probably only 30 minutes. We finally left the hotel and went to the Civil Affairs Office and we waited for all the kids and parents to get there. As we waited we saw a little boy who we had thought was Kohlby, he sadly wasn't. Soon many more children and parents came into that tiny little room. There was a bunch of cute little babies and  people in that room. There were two little girls in the room, one looked like she had a special  need almost similar to Kennah's but i don't know. Then the other little girl had braces on her legs like Kasidi. I was just looking around then I saw Kenzie start to cry, I don't know why but I started  to cry myself. I guess it was just the Kenzie started crying and the Lord was working in so many ways to so many people all in one tiny little room. After we got him and played with him in the office we went back to the hotel. My parents had to do some paper work so we played with him in the lobby, he is  a stubborn little toot. Trying to get him to the room was insane, he was having a little baby fit. Well we went to get food and when we came back he was sound asleep in my mom's lap. He just woke up and now is gettin' in the bath. Just like before he is still just as much of a toot as when I fist saw him! I can't wait for tomorrow!!


  1. What a wonderful time!! You girls have fun! I remember the eternal wait. - Violet

  2. Love seeing this through your eyes! An experience like no other. Enjoy China and hope you get your stuff soon!

  3. We looked through all your comments and pictures today. We are glad you are having a wonderful trip. We miss you lots! Give Kohlby lots of hugs and smiles from us. -Your 6th Grade Classmates (& Mrs. Crawford)