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Kenzie & Kayden

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Being Adventurous

From Kenzie:
 Yesterday was a very busy day which is why we didn't blog. By the time we got back to the hotel from everything we were tired as can be. Yesterday we finalized the adoption. In order to do this, we went to 4 different places and spent about an hour at each one. When we finally got back we decided to go swimming since we now had our bathing suits. We were so tired we could barley swim. Oh and if you ever plan to come to China and swim, be sure to close your eyes as you are walking through the dressing room..... It's not that the showers don't have curtains, it's just that they don't like to use them... After we swam we went straight to our rooms and crashed.
 Today we did the normal morning routine, then went to a museum. The museum was pretty neat. We got to see a bunch of old stuff. That's pretty much what a museum is... Old stuff.. Something I thought was funny was that there were a bunch of ancient pillows in the museum and they were rocks. I see a theme here. Actually, I'm pretty sure that's what I sleep on every night. I think Kohlby is starting to warm up to me. I let him ride on my shoulders as we walked through wal-mart, and he helped me carry the diapers! We get quite a bit of down time today and I'm so thankful for it, and I am very excited to go to the orphanage tomorrow!

From Kayden:
 Yesterday we didn't do this so  this is going to be a two day thing. Yesterday we went to the Civil Affairs Office to finalize the adoption. After that we went to the Provincial Notary Office to apply for the adoption notary certificates. Then in the afternoon we went to the Public Security Bureau to apply for Kohlby's passport. It took forever to finish there, most of the time we were standing in a hallway or small room waiting. After we finished doing everything we went back to the hotel to swim. We finally had all of our luggage so we went swimming. Walking through the locker room was very Kenzie said, close your eyes and if you don't be very careful where you look........oh and just FYI, watch where you step everywhere. If it looks wet don't step in or on it. Swimming was tiring and I was already exhausted from earlier so we got back to the room and crashed immediately.
 Today we went to a museum. At first I didn't want to go, but it wasn't that bad. There were three floors, on the third floor there was a crystal ball, if you look through the ball you could  see a little section on the first floor.  In one of the pictures above there's a man, in Chinese legends it's to be believed  that he created the world. There were many exhibits, in one there was a "pillow". Oh my goodness are we lucky! In another exhibit it was about some of the women. A lot of the women were very plump, our guide told us that in that time being plump was good and I guess that it was attractive. I wish that was true now! There were many more things but too many to type right now. When we were supposed to go back to  the hotel, we went to wal-mart instead. I guess it's better than walking all the way. Before we went to wal-mart we ate at Burger King. I tell you it was good. We finally went back to the hotel and now we are sitting here eating Chinese versions of Pringles chips.
I can tell you that I'm excited for tomorrow. We get to go to the orphanage and I get to take a bunch of pictures!!!!  


  1. We miss you!! Your pictures are awesome!! Thank you for sharing. Please bring some Chinese candy home to share. -Your 6th Grade Classmates (& Mrs. Crawford)

  2. Jasmine says "sup man"!!
    Lillie says she's got a Birthday coming up... hint, hint!
    oops and Alexa, too!! double hint, hint
    Chase says "don't forget our candy"
    and then all the class says "Please!"
    Hunter wants a pillow..."for his forehead in class"
    Lexi misses texting you in the evenings.
    Dalton wants a picture of you trying to use chopsticks!
    Ally says she misses her morning bus buddy. :,(
    Pazlie says "Miss ya sis"... she's STILL got her cast on!!
    Tommy says "Hi from America"
    We all want to see more pictures of Chinese culture and one of you and Kohlby.
    Richard wants to challenge you to a pillow fight... We all think you'll win with the ancient stone pillow!!
    We obviously miss you!! Thanks again for sharing your amazing journey with us!
    Take care. We love you bunches!
    -Your 6th Grade Classmates and Mrs. Crawford

  3. Thank you, Kenzie and Kayden. Love both your perspectives. I read your Mom's blog regularly. Your family is amazing! The stone pillow is something, isn't it? I think I'll have a very sore neck if I sleep on it. Have a grand time, and I know you will.

  4. Jasmine- "sup"
    Lillie and Alexa- I haven't forgotten ;)
    Chase- Don't worry we have bunches of that stuff.
    Hunter- Are you sure you want to do that?
    Lexi- I miss texting you too, sometimes I forget I can;t and try to.
    Dalton- I can use chopsticks very well actually!
    Ally- I miss you too, but not the bus! ;)
    Paz- "Miss ya too sis" get better SOON!!!
    Tommy- "Hi from China"
    Richard- Are you sure you want to do that and if so.................I WILL WIN!!!! ;)
    I will try to get a pic in soon. I miss you guys too so very much! I love you peeps to bunches, too!!