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Kenzie & Kayden

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Flying to Guangzhou

From Kenzie: 
Yesterday was a very long day. We got up early and packed our bags to head to Guangzhou. The day before we left. dad had his first Starbucks frappe. He thought it was going to be warm coffee but then he realized it wasn't and he didn't want it. He tried it anyway and me and Kayden stared at him and said "well? Do you like it?" He said it wasn't something he would get again. Then yesterday before the flight he bought another one. Wow, such a white boy.
 I thought it was funny how all of the adoptive families were placed at the back of the plane all together. I couldn't tell if there were kids crying or not because I was smart and brought headphones. Kohlby loved looking out the window. He got so excited when we took off. We landed in Guangzhou at 6:00 p.m. We were all so exhausted. We came to the hotel and go settled in. It is beautiful and my favorite part of our room is the view. Kohlby likes it too. We didn't get to sleep until around 10 or 11 I think. I'm not really sure because I almost passed out at McDonalds. The beds are way softer at this hotel. I slept very good and got to sleep in until 9:00 this morning so I am very happy about that! Today my mom went to Kohlby's medical appointments while Kayden, Dad, and I held down the fort at the hotel. We are now getting ready to go to a mexican restaurant with the other familes. Haha.. mexican food.. In China.. Anyway, i'm interested yet also scared to see how the food tastes. Wish me luck.. 

From Kayden: 
We didn't  post yesterday so here it goes...........We flew to Guangzhou.....I can tell you it was interesting. The people in charge of the plane seating put all of the families in the back...together. Kenzie however brought headphones so she was all happy about that while I had to listen to all the babies cry because they didn't like flying. Kohlby was happy about flying.......until we were actually in the air. Luckily I wasn't sitting by him. I was sitting in front of an adorable little girl though....sadly she was kicking my seat the entire flight. 
 Once we landed in Guangzhou we got to have an hour drive to the hotel. We finally got to the hotel around 8ish. We were tired and hungry so we went to McDonald's. Ordering wasn't hard, the hard part was trying to stay awake long enough to get and eat the food. Trying to eat is hard enough with Kohlby but with everyone about to crash at the table and Kohlby having a fit was just plain horrible! We finally we went to bed around 11 because we talked to another family. 
 This morning my dad kept trying to wake us up to go eat but it didn't work so my mom,dad and Kohlby went to breakfast without me and Kenzie. The good part was that I got to sleep in till 9 so hey it all worked out! And we still ate so yeah for me!!!! Kohlby and my mom went to his medical thingie so me my dad and Kenzie went to get some stuff........we made a long walk that we didn't even have to make. My dad thought that the store was one way and Kenzie thought it was another way. My dad was right..........but we passed the store, didn't know it, and walked like half a mile to another tiny little smelly store we didn't even have to go to! Well now everyone is waking up from nap time and getting ready to go to some mexican restaurant. You won't find many mexican places in China so I'm kinda scared of how this will turn out! Hope it goes well!!! 

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