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Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Day in the Park

Walking in traffic :/

From Kayden,
  Well after a delicious breakfast (they sadly took away my noodles today) we went to a park. I honestly think the park would have been a lot prettier if we went in spring but, it was still very pretty. 
I can tell you walking to the park was so scary! We had to walk along side the cars,and even when you walk on the side walk people are so close to you and every one is on a bike or electric scooters.  
While we were walking through the park we stopped to see this man make sugar figures. it was really cool, he made a bunch of figures and sold them. We had KFC for dinner. it was the most AMAZING meal i have had for a few days! Can't wait to see where we go next!

From Kenzie:
 Today we went to a park. Before we went I made sure to eat a big breakfast, not knowing if I would get another good meal during the day. The park was beautiful. I enjoyed every last bit of it. After the park we went back to the hotel and laid there for hours since there was nothing else we could do. I was so bored, so anxious to get outside and explore, look around, and buy weird Chinese candy. We couldn't go out because the only pants that my mom and I had were wet because we finally got a chance to wash them. All I had was shorts and it was cold outside. My dad and I walked quite a distance in the cold weather to KFC. I was longing for some good, greasy, americanish food. I was so desperate that I walked with my dad in shorts and a hoodie. Man did I get a lot of looks. We finished the whole tub of KFC and I didn't regret any of it. Shortly after we finished supper, two out of our four pieces of luggage arrived at our door. Finally! Clean clothes and makeup and shampoo that smells good and soap that isn't brown! We open the luggage and come to find out, none of my stuff was in it. What a disappointment.  Although I don't have clean, nice looking clothes, at least tomorrow is the day we get Kohlby! Even if I look like a hobo i'm still very excited!

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